May Stories

 This is from Gareth Edwards Cofi Dre all the Way!

Growing Up in Caernarfon

An email that was recently sent to CaernarfonOnline got me thinking...
The e-mail (still on the messageboard for all to see) complained that we (Caernarfon people) did not like to be referred to as Cofis.
Now this e-mail may have been sent in jest (or just to be controversial?) Idon't know.
What I do know, and believe, is that people from Caernarfon like to be called Cofis. They are proud to be associated with the name.
I was speaking to someone from Rhosgadfan about this and she told me that even though she lived in Caernarfon all here life, she did not consider herself a Cofi. BUT, as her children were born and bred in the town, they were true Cofis...
In reality, I believe that only people born within the town walls are regarded true Cofis, I don't know if this is true, maybe some of the visitors to Memory lane can enlighten us?
Most 'Cofis' are born in Bangor (either Ysbyty Gwynedd or St David's Hospital) I was born in Caernarfon itself, which makes me more of a Cofi than most, therefore I feel I have the right to stand up for the rest by saying we ARE proud to be Cofis.
This is evidently true as we have ex-pats and the like still sending us e-mails from all over the world congratulating us on our site. This is the same for people from the villages around this area. June Robbins is homage to this with her emails regarding Caeathro.
Since Caernarfon Online opened up in December, I can honestly say that we have received emails from every continent (except Africa) by ex-Cofis proud of the Town and the website.
I hope this e-mail to the pages of Memory Lane will encourage others to write in with their funny tales of Caernarfon or its villages surrounding.
People tend to get sentimental about the past and everyone has a tale to tell. The problem is that if these tales are not shared the rest of us loose out.
Come on proud Cofis tell us your tales about your life experiences in this area.

I started my school life at Ysgol Twthill. My first teacher was Mrs Williams (see photo on the Caernarfon site Class of 67) My second teacher was Mrs Hughes, followed by Mrs Meurig Williams. This class was situated in the Annex sheds overlooking the old Pavilion site. I also remember a small golf putting range there and a couple of tennis courts. (Where the Council offices are now).
The old Twthill school was mixed (boys and girls) but after this class we (the boys) were moved to the Boys School in South Penrallt. Our first teacher was again called Mrs Hughes, followed by Mr Robin Jones, then Mr Bleddyn Williams and finally Mr Hugh Deulyn Williams.
We were in fact the last class at Ysgol Hogia before it was closed down. This was unfortunate because we were separated from some of our friends. Some were sent to Ysgol Twthill, others to Ysgol Maesincla.
I was sent to Ysgol Maesincla for about 8 months. Here we were put in class 4a Mr Jones from Bethel, who was very keen on football. I remember we won everything that year (Man Utd of our day). We were then in the big league (as far as schools went)
We were now at Ysgol Segontium. Our form mistress in 1M was Mrs Martin (I think), I certainly remember 2P as our form mistress was Mrs Parry (Pledge to you and me).
I remember the nicknames of many such as Commando and Polly, perhaps some of you can tell us of more?
Life was good then (not that it isn't now) and yes, we did receive the cane if we misbehaved.... Yes and so did I ...once.
Did it do me any good? Well let's say I never received it again?
Write in with your stories. About Parry Art, Parry Maths. Pritchard Gym, Willais History, Mr Dyer, Mr McCollum. I bet that's jogged a few memories??

This is from Pete Tate taken from the Message Board

Your mail from David remembering Bleddyn Williams prompted me to reply. I too was in Ysgol Hogia and I
am going to take the editor's challenge and bring in a class photograph as soon as I can. It really is good
to have our own site, as it brings back some good memories. Keep up the good work.

From June in Canada
Hi, Dafydd,

I read you email about your brother working at the slatequarry .My father worked there he used to blast the face of the mountain, his name was Cledwyn Jones. I took my grandson to the Llanberis slate quarries last year; he was amazed at the process. I just remembered a place I worked at, my first job in fact, it was at the Corset
factory, it was down near the Empire movie house. Any one remember the place. I also think of the Saturday evenings we used to walk around the town in circles, to see if one could find a friend. Ah, the memories I do miss Wales. Come on someone else send in his or her memories.


Note from dafydd

I remember those Saturday nights very well. I think they were called the " The Turkey Trot "

The boys watched the girls going home on the buses from the Square at 10 o'clock and then all hell was let loose. Boys would be fighting, especially the 'Cofis' against the farmer's boys, and the police would carry them struggling down to the cop shop. I have seen many a policemans' helmet end up in the castle moat.

June you may remember these two girls who also worked in the Corset Factory. The one on the left is Nellie my late sister and on the right is Annie Jane who is the mother of Gareth Caernarfononline. Small world.

Another letter from June

Hi Dafydd

I am so excited, thanks to Gareth and his mom. They found an old boyfriend of mine. His name is Eddie Griffiths, he was the love of my life, but things happened and we parted. I have often thought of him, and looked for him when I was in Caernarfon. Last Monday I got his phone number and called him, I cannot describe the way I felt, it was like the years just melted away. Could picture Eddie the way he looked 38 years ago Now I am planning to come home so we can meet. I was planning on next May but maybe, it will be sooner than that. Just thought you would like this
happy story. I do hope that I will be able to come home soon. Again I owe a debt of gratitude to Gareth and his mom Annie. I can hardly wait to seehim again. That's my happy story will send another story later.


Watch this space folks!

I wonder if we can get a photo of June & Eddie?.