Hi from Australia

My name is David Owen Roberts I am the eldest son of Owen and Elizabeth Roberts (Maiden name Davies). In the first photograph of Secondary Modern School Caernarfon 1948 bottom row 7th from left in the dark dress, legs crossed is my mother. Have a look

To tell you a little more, we moved as a family of ten Dad, Mam and eight kids to Hobart Tasmania in November 1966. My parents have recently returned from a holiday back to Wales and have spoken of nothing since returning but Wales. Dad showed me the photo today and introduced me to your web site, which I am finding fascinating. I was thirteen years old when the big move was made so I remember a great deal of the land that I still call home (I refuse to take Australian Citizenship).

Please find attached photo of when we arrived at Hobart Airport in 1966. If you are able to check archives of the newspapers in Caernarfon you will find a photo of the family taken before our departure, this was taken in Garnon Street outside the home of my grandmother.

Love the site


David Roberts

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