Hello David

Came across your site surfing one afternoon and was thrilled to come across your webpage, and like many others it has stirred my corridor of memories.

Though not 'technically' a Cofi I was born in a house, Bron-Y-Dre, Llanbeblig Road (1957), near the corner to Gelert Street, by a strange coincidence we were to live next door (Ardwyn) many years later. I lived in Pen-Y-Groes, Bethesda, Caernarfon, in my adult life Four Mile Bridge and from there Perth, Western Australia from where I now write to you.

My father was John Williams also known as John Het, my mother Betty (now Kelly, living on North Road) and my one brother Phillip Williams.

Now David, I have a lot of stories. Many of them involving the Anglesey Hotel (my second home) and the Albert Inn. As I write this e I am chuckling to myself, boys bach we did some bad things, most of which is best kept to myself. Do you remember Olwen Jones and Nain of the Anglesey, what great times, if one could earn money from laughing then Bill Gates would be my office boy.

I returned to Wales for three weeks in 1999 with my two boys, Daniel Rhys and Bryn Clarke (now 17 and 13). The best three weeks of my life. I will return again in August 2002 this time on my own and plan to walk the town and do some drawing, drink some beer, and spend time with my Mam and stepfather Bill Kelly. I will also spend time with my Aunt Blodwen Rothwell, her husband Arthur. My Uncle Albert Jones (THE famous retired chimney sweep) and Aunty Lil, also Uncle Eon Jones and Aunty Eirlys. And as many other rellies as will see me.

I can still speak my native Welsh so-so, at least not to be a complete idiot (one of my specialities!) I am contact with my very special mates Clifford Parry and Howard Mitchell a couple of times a year and will doubtless spend some quality time with them later this year - incidentally Howard is the only person I know who attempted a loop-the-loop on a swing, he still proudly shows the scars during a 'lets-compare-our-scars' session (what strange interests some people have....)

I will write a story to you sometime soon, quite frankly I am spoilt for choice.

Once again, thank for the effort in writing what is turning out to be a most excellent and worthwhile site.


David Owen Williams
PO Box 205
Wanneroo WA

Ph. (08) 9206 3001
Fax. (08) 9206 1711
Mob. 0413 866 321


Hi David,
It's fantastic to log-on to your web site and see some of the stories and pictures
from the "good old days" in Caernarfon. I look at some of the pictures, especially those that show parts of the Town that I remember so well, with a genuine fondness.
It seems to me that there are many people from the 1950's and 60's who REALLY treasure their school and youth memories.
It's also great to hear that a lot of people from Caernarfon have done so
well for themselves. It speaks volumes for the way in which we were brought up.
My parents, my sister Cynthia and I were evacuees from London in 1944 when I was only 3 years and Cynthia 12 months old. My younger sister Christine was born in Caernarfon.
David even though I was born in England I have always thought and felt that I was Welsh. I have always declared, with a huge amount of pride, that I am from Caernarfon.
Isn't it great how people from Caernarfon are really proud of their hometown!
I log-on to your web site at least once a week - just to see if there are any new snippets
of information. I live in Australia and your web site somehow keeps me "connected" to home.
Please keep up the good work as there are a growing number of "ex-pats" who
look forward to keeping in touch.
It would be great to make contact with some of my old school friends - guys
like Tony Bleathman, Walter and Michael Hughes, Elwyn Angel, Ian Nicholson,
David (Rations) Richards, Hayden and Heather Parry and Billy Thorman. Have you heard of any of them?
I will dig out some old pictures from Caernarfon and send them to you. They
may be of interest.
G'Day from Melbourne
David Smith

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