There were many nicknames in Caernarfon similar to what they had in Liverpool. They call a foreman a DRUG DEALER because he would come with more work and say, "Here's more for you"(Morphia). Then there was DIESEL because he would say, "Dese will do"

In Caernarfon we had 'Seven Bells' 'Cannons' 'Tarw' 'Napoleon' 'Bilbo Beans' 'Dirty Dicks' 'Sospons' 'White Horse' 'Wise Bach' 'Will Bach Postman'.


Sent in by Sylvia James.
'Smacks' Back in the 1880 when my grandmother, who spoke English, used to look after a little boy called Tommy and when he was naughty she used to say "No Tommy smack" so the name has being going for over a hundred years.
Sent in by Eric from Australia.
I was born in 1930 at 4, Pool Side (Two ups and two downs). I respectfully refer to your article on 'Nicknames' and genuine Cofis Dre. I would suggest that to qualify as a Cofi, one would have to have a family nickname. I am a member of 'Teulu Hengert', and still have family in Caernarfon; I and my family left Caernarfon in 1960 and settled in Australia.
(Dafydd speaking. Small world I lived in 1 Pool Side Square for 7 years and we were given 2,Pool Side so that we had more rooms.)

In a lighthearted manner I submit the following nicknames for your data base.....
'Deryn Mawr', 'Pen Mul,
'Sodlau Aur','Jim 20','Cachu Menyn', 'Seven Bells','Dick Wallgo','All Right','Megan Napoleon','Cadi Cowt'.
'Twthill Bach'.'Fannie Fourpence'.'Dick Salmon'.'Llgada Brenin'.'Gladys Cwckw'.'Harry Fawr'.'Kattie Post'.
'Maggie Pudding'.'Lilly Llanrwst'.'Traed Wadding'.'Sarjiant Caraij'.'Will Trol Faw'.'Shando'.'King's Head'.
'Ifan Ganwll'.'Harry Haul'.'The Joker'.'Dafydd Bach Teiliwr'.'Jones Ty Clap'.'Will Pru'.'Goliwog'.
'Will Welshguards'.'Mrs.Hughes Taffi'.'Poly Parrot'.'Gorilla'.'Des Kelly.' 'Bobbie Muffins'.
These should be of some interest to "old timers"

Hello Dafydd,

Thought a few more nicknames might be acceptable....
Whitehorse','Will Het','Derek Fawr','Bisto Kids','Wiwar','Ty Cornel','Jumbo','Ned Mog',
'Tommy Glo','Spider'(This was the Headmaster of the County School),'Cliff Tinman','Charlie Bacco','Mrs Vingleman','Auntie Grace',
and thinking of the "old" people reminds me of some of the "little" streets...... Between the Prince of Wales and the Red Garage..Vinegar Hill..Between the Majestic and Royal Hotel..Lon Cenllyst..Between Pendist and Empire Cinema..Crown St....Alongside Capel Salem..Lon Bwgan..More some other time.
Eric (Hengert)

I was interested to read Eric from Australia's letter on nicknames. He is quite right, there are quite a lot of the 'Hen Gert' family living in Caernarfon. I am one of them. I was told as a small child that the nickname originated from a family member named Robert Roberts. Apparently, he had a coal business in the town and in those days the coal was delivered by horse and cart. The cart was getting a bit old and Bob went in search of a new one. When he saw the prices he is reported to have said: 'Neith yr hen gert yn iawn.' Hence the nickname.
We are in the process of compiling a family tree and would be interested to know which branch of the family Eric descends from. We thought he might be descended from one of Robert Roberts brothers.

The writer of this letter (senders name CYMROTRIW) and Eric Robert have both promised to let me know if they are related.

I was brought up in Caernarfon (Ael y Garth) and lived there until 1965 when work took me to the East Coast.

I well remember
Ifan Ganwyll! He and his wife ran an ice cream shop in town, and my friends and I were frequent patrons. I am told that his nickname derived from the fact that he was very tall, slim and (in his younger days) had a shock of very red hair. So, the candle image stuck to him! He was a lovely man.
I also recall that Megan Napoleon had a brother called Will - he was given the same surname, but, where it came from, I don't know.
The other nickname that I recall was that given to the owner of a jeweller's shop, almost opposite to Woolworths; it was
Johnny Call Again. This was because each time you made a purchase, and left his shop, he would say "Call again".
Excellent Websites for us nostalgic ex-pats!
Tudor Jones

The nickname Piblo Beans started when my great, great grandfather went to the shop for Mrs Piblo and he was speaking out loud "Beans i Mrs piblo, beans i Mrs Piblo" all the way to the shop so he wouldn't forget what he wanted every body heard and they still recognise my grandfather as Piblo Beanstoday, (The Nickname is over a 100 years old).
My grandfather lives in Caernarfon his name's John Glyn Williams.
Einir Magee

The origin of the nickname Napoleon is that the family had a fishing boat called Napoleon hence the name.
Larry Bohana
Annie Winllyd. - Maggie Jib Jib. -  Cachu'n Pot.- Pay the Man. - Mrs. Jones Abergele.- Lizzie Wirion. - Huw Shuttle. -  Jim Twenty.  
 Dafydd R'ugian. -   Cachu Menun. - Jonny Low Gear. -   Harry Mwnsh.  -  Williams Gangster.  -    Jones Empire.   -  Aubrey Bach.
American Bach.  -  Mary Ann Gwcw.   -  Jack Oil Lamp.  -   Mary Fawr.   - Honolulu Baby. - Robinson Bach. -Wil Dre Lorry Goch
Tommy ABC - Cwdi Racs - Ceillia Wadin -Maggie Wa Wa- Gwen Anwl-Million Dollar Legs- Dolly Fain- Katie Bach y Drym-Ara Deg
Sent in by Tom Holland Roberts 
Ned Mog
Every Saturday night when the pubs closed and the last buses were making their way to Bangor 
along Bridge Street, Ned Mog used to come out of the George Inn totally drunk and stagger towards 
Castle Square. When he got to the Nelson he'd throw his cap in front of an approaching bus than dash out
into the middle of the road to retrieve his cap! The bus driver had to slam his brakes on!
Then, out of nowhere, two burly policemen would appear and Ned Mog would be frogmarched to the police station.
This used to happen on a regular basis.
Sent in by Tom Holland Roberts
Dafydd. There was a local called 'Dick Wyllt' who also came out of the George Inn drunk and if he saw a 'Slob' he would charge at him head down like a bull. I believe this was the same man they would call upon to climb up the flag pole in the castle to untangle the flag.

If anyone feels offended by having his or her nickname entered in this page then please let me know and I will take it off.