The list below was sent in by Myra Williams on behalf of Colin Jones.
Colin's mother Mrs Catherine Jane Jones was a well known librarian in Caernarfon and Colin found this list in her possessions when clearing the house after her death earlier this year - 2007

Public Houses in Caernarvon (1881)

         Star Bach                  Pepper Lane

        Queen Bach                               "

        Llanfair Arms           Northgate Street (Stryd 4/6)

        Black Buoy                               "                              

        Market Vaults           Market Street

        Drum Inn                          "

        Custom House Inn             High Street

        Buckley Arms            Shirehall Street

        Snowdon Vaults         High Street

        Packet House                    "      

        Angel vaults                              "

        Commercial Hotel                       "

        Hole in the Wall                Hole in the Wall St

        Four Alls                          "

        Jones and Price                  "

        Black Lion(no1)                Palace Street

        Palace Vaults                    "

        Bardsey Inn                      "

        Black Lion Bach                        "

        Newborough Arms                      "

        Blue Bell                          "

        Jones and Price                  "

        Vaynol Arms                     "                              

        Three Stars                               "

        Red Lion(Fawr)                        "

        Red Lion (Bach)                       "

        Adelphi                             "

        Anglesey Hotel          Promenade

        Glanrafon Bach                 Castle Street

        Sportsman Hotel                        "      

        Kings Head                              "

        County Hotel             Castle Ditch

        Quellyn Hotel            Castle Hill

        Gomer Arms                       Greengate Street

        Manchester Arms               Bank Quay

        Patent Slip                                "

        Rose and Crown         Crown Street

        Trumpet Inn                     "

        Alexandra Hotel                North Road

        Railway Hotel                  "      

        Royal Hotel (Uxbridge)     Bangor Street

        Prince of Wales                 "              

        White Horse                              "              

        Crown Hotel                              "

        Ship and Castle                 "

        Harp Inn                  South Penrallt

        George Inn                Bridge Street

        Holland Arms                   "

        Britannia Hotel         Castle Square

        Castle Hotel                              "

        Morgan Lloyd Vaults         "

        Albert Hotel              Segontium Terrace

        Albion Hotel              New Street

        Globe Hotel                               "

        Garnon Arms             Garnon Street

        Eagles Hotel              Tithebarn Street

        Arvon Arms                       Pool Street

        Twthill Hotel            Twthill Square

        Mountain Arms                  "      

        No 1 Victoria Street    Victoria Street