No.15 Wrong Putting Green




Question 1: A player's ball comes to rest on the practice putting green;

a) Is a practice putting green the same as a wrong putting green in the Rules of Golf?

b) May a ball be played from a practice putting green?

c) May a player stand on a practice putting green to play a ball that lies just off that practice putting green?

d) May a player clean their ball when taking relief from a wrong putting green?



a) Yes. Definition of Wrong Putting Green.

b) No. The player must take relief, without penalty. Rule 25-3b.

c) Yes. Rule 25-3a.

d) Yes. Rule 21.


Question 2: In the same photo above, if point X is the nearest point of relief for a right-handed player;

a) May the player remove the easily removable sign if it is in his area of intended swing?

b) May the player remove the easily removable sign if it is in his line of play?



a) Yes.

b) Yes.


The sign is an obstruction An obstruction on the course may always be moved providing it will not take unreasonable effort, unduly delay play or cause damage, whether or not it interferes with the player's stance or area of intended swing, Rule 24-1.


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