No.30 Dropping the Ball

The player is taking relief by dropping a ball within one club-length of the nearest point of relief, which they have marked with a tee peg;
Question 1:
Which picture(s) shows an acceptable manner for dropping the ball?
a) A.
b) B.
c) Both A & B.
Question 2:
Does the player have to mark the limit of the one club-length with a tee peg or some other physical marker?
Question 3:
Who must drop the ball?
a) Only the player.
b) The player or their partner.
c) The player, their partner, or either of their caddies.
d) Anyone.
Question 4:
If a ball is dropped not in accordance with the Rules does the player immediately incur a penalty?
Answer 1:
Only B. The player must stand erect, hold the ball at shoulder height and arm's length and drop it. Rule 20-2.
Answer 2:
No. See the explanation below**.
Answer 3: 
a) Only the player. A ball to be dropped under the Rules must be dropped by the player. Rule 20-2.
Answer 4:
No. A ball that has been dropped, but not in accordance with the Rules, and has not been played, may be lifted, without penalty, and dropped again. Rule 20-6.
** Although there is a recommended procedure for determining the nearest point of relief, the Rules do not require a player to determine this point when proceeding under Rule 24-2, 24-3, 25-1 or 25-3. If a player does not determine a nearest point of relief accurately or identifies an incorrect nearest point of relief, a penalty only arises if, as a result, the player drops their ball at a spot which does not satisfy the requirements of the Rule under which they are proceeding and they then play the ball (e.g. the spot is more than one club-length from the correct nearest point of relief or the ball is dropped nearer to the hole than the nearest point of relief). In such circumstances, the player would be penalised for playing from a wrong place. Rule 20-7.


Question 5:
Do the Rules permit a player to put spin on their ball as they drop it?
Answer 5:
No. If a player purposely drops their ball with spin they incur a penalty of one stroke under Rule 20-2a for dropping the ball in an improper manner, unless they correct their mistake, as permitted by Rule 20-6.
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