No.35 The Score Card

Question 1:
Immediately after finishing his round a player, Roger Day, returns the above score card.
a) May the hole numbers 8 & 9 be altered if the scores have been recorded in the wrong boxes?
b) Does the alteration for the score on hole 17 have to be initialled by the player and/or the marker?
c) The player has calculated the total score for the back nine holes incorrectly. Do the Committee have to accept this higher total or must they correct it?
d) The player has signed in the space provided for the marker and vice versa. Is this acceptable?
e) Is the initialling of the score card by the marker and/or competitor sufficient?
Answer 1:
a) Yes. Decision 6-6a/3.
b) No. Decision 6-6a/6.
c) The Committee must correct the error as they are responsible for the addition of scores and application of the handicap. Decision 6-6d/2 and Rule 33-5.
d) Yes. Decision 6-6b/1.
e) Yes. Decision 6-6b/2.
Note: After completion of their round competitors should ensure that their handicap and the scores for each hole are correctly recorded on their score card, that their marker has signed it, sign it themselves and return it to the Committee as soon as possible.
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