No.59 Protection from the Elements


Question 1:
A player purposely positions his golf bag so as to block the sunlight from where he is teeing his ball. If he then makes a stroke at his ball has he breached any Rule?
Answer 1:

Note: As the player was not in contact with the golf bag, he accepted protection from the elements in breach of Rule 14-2. Penalty: two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.

Question 2:
A player holds an umbrella, as shelter from wind and rain, with one hand and putts with the other. Is this permissible?

Answer 2:

Note: Unlike Question 1 the player has direct contact with the umbrella. Rule 14-2 does not prohibit a player from protecting himself from the elements.

Part of Rule 14-2 states;
A player must not make a stroke while accepting physical assistance or protection from the elements.
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