No.72 Four-Ball

Question 1:
Why were the players in a four-ball stroke play competition disqualified when they returned the score card above?

Question 2:

At the time established by the Committee, Jim, a player in a four-ball stroke play competition is not present. He has phoned to say that he will be five minutes late. What is the ruling?
a) Jim's side is disqualified.
b) Jim is disqualified but his partner may commence the round alone.
c) Jim may tee-off as soon as he arrives, providing his group are still playing the first hole.
d) Jim may only start playing at the commencement of the next hole after he joins the others.

Answer 1:
The side was disqualified because the partners' scores were not individually identifiable.

Rule 31-3 states;
The marker is required to record for each hole only the gross score of whichever partner's score is to count. The gross scores to count must be individually identifiable; otherwise, the Side is disqualified.
Answer 2:
d) Jim may only start playing at the commencement of the next hole after he joins the others.

Rule 31-2 states;

A Side may be represented by either partner for all or any part of a stipulated round; both Partners need not be present. An absent competitor may join his partner between holes, but not during play of a hole.



A & B are playing C & D in match play.

Question 3:
It is A's turn to putt and he is lying 4. May his partner, B, who is putting for a 5, putt first without getting permission from the opponents, C & D?

Question 4:
If A putts and his ball hits partner B's ball what is the penalty?
a) There is no penalty.
b) A incurs a penalty of one stroke.
c) A is disqualified from the hole.
d) A & B lose the hole.

Answer 3:
Yes, balls belonging to the same side may be played in the order the side considers best. Rule 30-3b.

Answer 4:
a) There is no penalty. Rule 19-5a.

Note: Most golfers do not realise that in match play, there is no penalty when a player's ball strikes another ball on the putting green, even if the stroke was made on the putting green.

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