No.73 Indicating Line of Play


In stroke play, a player is not sure of the line of play to the putting green.

Question 1:
a) May the player ask a fellow competitor to assist in determining the line of play?
b) May the player ask a fellow competitor to stand on the line of play as they make their stroke?
c) May the player ask a fellow competitor to point to the line of play and then move aside before the stroke is taken?

Answer 1:
a) Yes.
b) No.
c) Yes.
Note: See Rule 8-2a below.



Question 2:
May the player push a stick in the ground to act as a marker for the line of play and leave it there during their stroke?

Question 3:
May the player lay a stick on the ground aligned to their intended line of play and leave it there while they make their stroke?

Answer 2:

Answer 3:

Rule 8-2a states;
Except on the putting green, a player may have the line of play indicated to him by anyone, but no one may be positioned by the player on or close to the line or an extension of the line beyond the hole while the stroke is being made. Any mark placed by the player or with his knowledge to indicate the line must be removed before the stroke is made.
Note: Before making a stroke from anywhere on the course, the player may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up to indicate the position of the hole. Rule 17-1.

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