No.89 Ball Marker


Question 1:
In stroke play, having replaced their ball at its marker on the putting green a player takes a few steps back to check their line of putt. They then return to the ball, address it and make their putt without lifting the marker. What is the ruling ...
a) ... if the player left their marker in place by mistake?
b) ... if they left their marker in place to help them with the alignment of their putt?

Answer 1:
a) There is nothing in the Rules that requires the player to remove their marker before playing his shot in these circumstances.
b) The player incurs a penalty of two strokes under Rule 8-2b. A mark must not be placed anywhere to indicate a line for putting.



Question 2:
A player marks the position of their ball before lifting it and then presses down the marker with the sole of their putter. As they lift the putter they notice that the ball marker has stuck to it. What is the ruling?

Answer 2:
No penalty is incurred because the movement of the ball-marker was directly attributable to the specific act of marking the position of the ball. The ball or the ball-marker must be replaced. Decision 20-1/6.

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