No.90 The Flagstick

In stroke play a player is about to chip their ball from off the putting green. They see that the flagstick is leaning sideways.

Question 1:

a) May they centre the flagstick in the hole?
b) May they remove the flagstick?
c) May they have the flagstick attended?
d) May they adjust the flagstick so that it is leaning away from them?

Answer 1:

a) Yes. Decision 17-4.
b) Yes. Rule 17-1.
c) Yes. Rule 17-1.
d) No. Decision 17-4.

Note: The flagstick may be left as it is or centred in the hole. It may not be adjusted to a more favourable position than centred. To do so would infringe Rule 1-2 (Exerting Influence on Ball).



Question 2:
A flagstick has been removed from the hole and laid on the putting green. A player putts too strongly down a slope and their ball hits the flag, but not the flagstick. Does the player incur a penalty?

Question 3:

In playing a ball from a bunker a player thins their ball and it strikes the flag attached to an attended flagstick. Does the player incur a penalty?

Answer 2:


Answer 3:


Note: The flag is part of the flagstick. In both the scenarios above the player incurs a penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. Decision 17-3/5.

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