Question 92:
Daisy hits her drive into a freshly sanded fairway bunker. She takes an 8-iron into the hazard and digs her feet in the sand. Seeing that her ball is lying well she changes her mind about which club to use, returns to her bag to fetch her 7-wood and takes her stance a second time, digging-in a little further. She plays a good shot from the bunker just onto the putting green. Before making her putt she clears a number of leaves from the putting green and sees an acorn lightly embedded in her putting line. She easily brushes the acorn away with the back of her hand and repairs the hole that is left with her pitch mark repairer. Her first putt slides by the outside of the hole but she easily holes the return putt. What is Daisy's score for the hole?
(The answer is below)
19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?
That you may stand out of bounds to play a ball lying within bounds. Definition of Out of Bounds.
Answer 92:
1 - Drive to the fairway bunker.
2 - Stroke from the bunker to the fringe of the putting green.
Note: Rule 13-3 permits a player to place their feet firmly in taking their stance in a bunker or elsewhere. There is nothing in the Rules that prohibits changing clubs or taking a stance a second time.
3 & 4 - Two penalty strokes for repairing the depression in the putting green left by the acorn, and breaching Rule 16-1a (Decision 16-1a/7).
Note: Because the acorn was not solidly embedded it is a loose impediment, which may be removed on the putting green (Definition of Loose Impediment).
5 - Putt from the edge of the putting green past the hole.
6 - Return putt into the hole.
Daisy scores 6 for the hole.

Another 'Rhodes Rules School - How Many Strokes' will follow next week,