Question 93:
Robbie's drive has come to rest under a prickly cactus and he decides to deem his ball unplayable. He retrieves the ball with his club and drops it within two club-lengths of where it was at rest, not nearer the hole. The ball rolls and stops nearer to the hole, so he lifts it and drops it again. This time it rolls more than two club-lengths from where it first hit the ground, but not nearer the hole. He lifts and drops it for a third time and it comes to rest close to where it hit the ground, not nearer the hole. However, the cactus is still close to his stance and as he is wearing shorts he takes out his towel and places it over the cactus spines so that his legs will not be scratched. His stroke from this difficult lie hits his trolley and bounces back into the same bush. Once again he deems his ball unplayable, drops according to the Rules and this time plays a good stroke onto the putting green, from where he takes two putts to hole out. What is Rob bie's score for the hole?
(The answer is below)
19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?
That you may test the condition of a bunker with a practice swing (i.e. without striking a ball) before commencing your round. Rule 7-1b and Note 1 to the Rule.
Answer 93:
1 - Drive to under the prickly cactus.
2 - One penalty stroke for deeming his ball unplayable and lifting it.
3 & 4 - Two penalty strokes for playing from the wrong place after dropping his ball instead of placing it after the second invalid drop (Decision 20-2c/2).
Note: When a ball that has been re-dropped, i.e. for a second time, rolls into any of the seven positions requiring a re-drop, it must be placed as near as possible to the spot where it first struck a part of the course when re-dropped (Rule 20-2c).
5 & 6 - Two penalty strokes for improving his stance by placing the towel over the cactus (Decision 1-2/10).
Note: However, Robbie could have put waterproof trousers on to save his legs from scratches without incurring a penalty (Decision 13-3/2).
7 - Stroke from the cactus that hits his trolley.
8 - One penalty stroke for his ball being deflected off his equipment (Rule 19-2).
9 - One penalty stroke for deeming his ball unplayable the second time and lifting it..
10 - Stroke onto the putting green.
11 & 12 - Two putts to hole out.
Robbie scores 12 for the hole.

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