Question 94:
Cherie arrives on the 1st tee 4 minutes after her official start time in a medal competition. She makes her apologies and while she is waiting for her fellow competitor's to tee-off she realises that she has left her putter at home, where she was practicing her putting on the carpet. She sees a friend, who has just completed her round, walking towards the clubhouse and shouts to her, asking to borrow her putter. Still flustered from her late arrival she then makes a mess of her tee shot and hooks it into a bunker on an adjacent hole. She sees a ball that is almost buried in soft sand but cannot positively identify it as hers. As she cannot see any other ball in the bunker she assumes that it must be hers, digs her feet into the sand to make a stance and swings at the ball. Her contact is not good and she immediately realises that she has hit the ball twice in splashing it out of the bunker. She remembers to rake the bunker where she has just played from and, having checked that the ball is indeed hers, she takes three more strokes to complete the hole. What is Cherie's score for the hole?
(The answer is below)
19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?
That you may knock down leaves from a tree or bush with a practice swing, providing you do not actually improve the area of your intended stroke swing. Decision 13-2/0.5.
Answer 94:
1 & 2 - Two penalty strokes for arriving late but within five minutes of the start time (Rule 6-3a, amended January 2012).
Note: As Cherie's friend had completed her round there is no penalty for borrowing a club from her, providing Cherie's total number of clubs does not then exceed 14 (Rule 4-4a).
3 - Hooked drive into the bunker of an adjacent hole.
4 - Stroke from the bunker.
5 - One penalty stroke for striking the ball more than once in the course of the stroke from the bunker (Rule 14-4).
Note: A player does not have to positively identify their ball before playing it, but they do incur a penalty of two strokes if it is not.
6 to 8 - Three strokes to complete the hole.
Cherie scores 8 for the hole.

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