Question 96:
Bruce is playing in a stroke play competition on a links course that he has not played before and he cannot get used to the number of blind shots that he has to make. On the 12th hole, a dog-leg right, he has sliced his drive into the dunes. He has no idea of the line to the hole, so he climbs to the top of the dune to find the direction of the putting green. Once he has determined the line he pushes a stick into the soft earth, so that when he gets back to his ball he will have a mark to aim at. As he grounds his club on the grass immediately behind his ball it settles down an inch or so deeper into the rough. He returns to his bag for a different club and then has trouble finding his ball. His fellow competitor, Dan, comes over to help him search for it and accidentally kicks it forward. Bruce is not sure exactly where the ball was when he first moved it, so he drops it at the spot that he and Dan estimate that it was at rest. Bruce plays four more str okes to get his ball into the hole. What is Bruce's score for the hole?
(The answer is below)
19th Hole Titbit - Do You Know?
That you may make any marking on your ball (e.g. draw a circle around the circumference of your ball to assist you in your intended line of putt). Rule 6-5.
Answer 96:
1 - Drive into the dunes.
2 - One penalty stroke for causing his ball to move in the long grass (Rule 18-2a(i)).
Note: No penalty is incurred by either player when Dan, a fellow competitor, accidentally kicks Bruce's ball (Rule 18-4).
Note: Because it was impossible to determine the spot where his ball should be replaced Bruce was correct to drop the ball as near as possible to the place where it originally lay (Rule 20-3c).
3 & 4 - Two penalty strokes for placing a mark indicating the line of play and not removing it before making his stroke (Rule 9-2).
5 to 8 - Four strokes to hole out.
Bruce scores 8 for the hole.

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