..... Tees
Appendix lV-1 unless otherwise noted
Q1: What is the maximum permitted length of a tee? a) There is no maximum length. b) 3" (76.2 mm). c) 4" (101.6 mm). d) 3" (76.2 mm) above the ground level.
A1: c) 4" (101.6 mm).
Q2: A conforming tee may not be designed to indicate the line of play, but a player may incline their tee in the direction that they wish to strike their ball, as in the photo. True or False?

A2: True. There is nothing in the Rules that limits how a tee is placed in the ground.

Q3: A player may insert one plastic tee inside another to raise its height. True or False?
A3: True, providing the combined length of the tee does not exceed 4 inches.

Q4: A player may use any object as a tee. True or False?
A4: False. Only a device that has been designed to raise the ball off the ground may be used.

Q5. While preparing to play from a teeing ground a player accidentally knocks his ball of the tee, there is no penalty, but what is the ruling? a) His second stroke must be played from where the ball came to rest. b) The ball must be replaced on the tee, which had not moved. c) The ball may be played from anywhere in the teeing ground, on or off a tee.
A5: c) The ball may be played from anywhere in the teeing ground, on or off a tee. Decision 18-2a/19.
Q6: If a ball that is being dropped under the Rules strikes the course and then rolls against a tee that is being used to mark the area in which the ball is to be dropped (as in the photo) it must be re-dropped. True or False?
A6: False. A tee that is used to mark the extent of an area in which a ball is to be dropped is an obstruction and not a player's equipment, so the ball is in play and the tee may be removed. Definition of Equipment.

Q7: A player may probe the area around their ball with a tee to see if there are tree roots just below the surface of the ground that may affect their stroke. True or False?
A7: True. A tee may be used for this purpose, providing the lie of the ball, the area of intended stance or swing, or the line of play is not improved. Decision 13-2/27.

Q8: What is the penalty for using a non-conforming tee? a) One stroke. b) Two strokes. c) Disqualification.
A8: c) Disqualification. Rule 11-1.

Q9: A player who uses a tee to mark their ball on a putting green is penalised for testing the surface. True or False?
A9: False. This method of marking a ball is permissible, but not recommended. Decision 20-1/16.