Try your skill on the Rules of Golf listed below.

I will be entering the Rules on a simulation plan of a course where I think they apply.
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Changes to the RULES OF GOLF ~~~ 2012-2015   Rules of Golf with Padraig Harrington  

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27 Questions-9Easy~9Hard~9 More Difficult.

No.1 Loose Impediments in a Bunker.   No.2 Ball lodged in branch of tree.  
No.3 Water & Lateral Water Hazard Stakes.   No.4 Bridge in Water Hazard.  
No.5 Teeing Ground.   No.6 Stakes Defining Margins.  
No.7 Ground Under Repair.   No.8 Out of Bounds.  
No.9 Objects in a Bunker.   No.10 Ball Interfering with Play.  
No.11 Interference from Sprinklers.   No.12 Nearest Point of Relief.  
No.13 Relief from Ground Under Repair (GUR).   No.14 Immovable Obstructions.  
No 15 Wrong Putting Green.   No 16 When is a Ball Holed.  
  No.18 Obstruction on Putting Green  
No.19 Ball Against Rake in Bunker   No.20 Abnormal Use of Putter  
No.21 Ball Unfit for Play   No.22 Touching Ball in Play  
No.23 Is the Ball in the Bunker?   No.24 Touching Sand in a Bunker  
No.25 Putting Infringements   No.26 Local Rule Re GUR  
No.27 Touching Line of Putt      
No.29 Improving Line of Play   No.30 Dropping the Ball  
No.31 Two Balls in a Bunker   No.32 Moving a Ball During Search  
No.33 Player Hits Their Own Equipment   No.34 Attending the Flagstick  
No.35 The Score Card  
No.37 Standing Astride The Line of Putt      
No.39 Frost on putting green  
No.41 Insect on Player's ball   No.42 Ball on Steps to Teeing Ground  
No.43 Miscellaneous re the Flagstick   No.44 Dropped Ball Hits Object  
No.45 Ball Moved by Player's Equipment    
No.47 Marking the Ball   No 48 Indicating Intended Line of Play  
No.49 Grass and Mud on Ball   No.50 Artificial Devices and Unusual Equipment  
No.51 Lifting and Dropping  
No.52 Ball Overhanging Hole
No.53 Fallen Tree    
No.55 Animate Outside Agencies   No.56 Old Hole Plug  
No.57 Placing / Dropping a Ball   No.58 Interference from Ropes  
No.59 Protection from the Elements   No.60 Tee Markers  

No.61 Stance inside Water Hazard
  No.62 Line of Play  

No.63 Objects Defining Out of Bounds
No.65 Relief From Immovable Obstruction (2)  
No.66 Playing from Bunker
No.67 Interference by Animals   No.68 Relief from Trees  
No.69 Ball Assisting/Interfering with Play  
No.70 Ball Unplayable
No.71 Improving a Stance  
No.72 Four-Ball
No.73 Indicating Line of Play   No.74 Growing Things Affecting Stroke  
No.75 Ball in Water Hazard   No.76 Cleaning the Ball  
No.77 Bunker Steps   No.78 Paths through Water Hazard  
No.79 Balls and Bunkers   No.80 Nearest Point of Relief (2)  
No.81 Damaged Club  
No.82 When to Re-Drop a Ball
No.83 Taking Complete Relief  
No.84 Ball in Leaves in Bunker

No.85 Immovable Obstructions   No.86 Apron of Putting Green  
No.87 Relief from Lateral Water Hazard   No.88 Integral to the Course  
No.89 Ball Marker   No.90 The Flagstick  
No.91 Advice   No 92 How many Strokes No1  
No 93 How many Strokes No2   No 94 How many Strokes No3  
No 95 How many Strokes No4   No 96 How many Strokes No5  
No.97 Definitions   No.98 Borrowing and Sharing Equipment  
No.99 Practice Swings