September Letter


Raymond O Pritchard


Hello Dafydd
I was born in Snowdon Street at No. 23 on the 6 May 1942. My name is Raymond Oswald Pritchard. We lived in Snowdon St until about 1948 when we moved to the new estate at Maes Incla. We then resided at 16 Maes Hyfryd, next door to Ian Lovell and Gwynedd Williams. Eddie Rawls lived across the road and so did Glenys and Rhiannon Owen.
[Dafydd:- Glenys and Rhiannon are my cousins]

My best friend was David Sheldon Roberts who lived at 2 Cae Mur.

The move to Maes Incla was a culture shock in reverse. Imagine moving from a 2 bedroom terrace housing six, to a three bedroom semi with toilets inside, hot water and a bath in the house! And the icing on the cake was my own bedroom.
I went to school initially at Ysgol Rhad until it closed. I remember walking hand in hand about forty of us from the old school up Llanberis road to the new Ysgol in Maes Incla. Everything was new and the smell of paints predominated. We were all warned by Mr Jones the Headmaster to keep our hands off the doors and water pipes because the paint was still wet. The toilets and cloakrooms were inside, no more freezing hands and feet in winter.

I then went to the higher grade at Segontium School from the age of 11 to 13, my father who was a police officer got a transfer to Staffordshire. We moved to a Town called Cheadle. When I left school I started an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic, however, when I finished my apprenticeship I joined the police service 1961. I retired in 1996 with the rank of Chief Superintendent.
We moved from London to Wales in 2001, we live just outside of Cardiff near Llantrisant in a little village called Brynsadler.

I now sing with the Cor Meibion Bontfaen (Cowbridge Male voice). We do concerts for charity all over South Wales & Southern England. We are off to Sevenoaks in Kent tomorrow. I love it, especially the afterglow when everyone is p....d. The choir is about 90 strong and we managed to stage on most occasion's 55/60.

Yr ydwyf yn dal i siarad cymraeg. Mae genni rhienni yn Nantlle, chwaer fy nhad.

Hwyl fawr


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