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Sylvia James

  Cae Garreg Festival of Britain Party held in the vestry of Capel Maes .
(Dafydd Note:- Names in red are my family. We lived in No 3 Cae Carreg from 1947 to 1956)

Front row (left to right)
Betty Wyn Jones,Roy Roberts,Brian Jones,Emlyn Jones,
Rollie Williams( Brother),Owen John Parry,Elwyn Thomas(Bob bach) Elwyn Thomas(sixteen)Gwynfor Thomas,Clifford Parry,Wilfred Williams,Will O.Jones,Ken Parry
2nd row
Raymond Melczarik,Sylvia Parry,Glenys Thomas,Doris Thomas,Edith Esther Thomas,Mona Wyn Jones,Veronica Bromley,Loreen Bromley,Jean Parry,
Veronica Williams,Dilys Williams( Sisters),Eileen Parry,Winifred Parry,Gwyneth Thomas with Melfyn Thomas on her knee.
3rd row
Mrs Thomas No13,Mrs Jones No12,Mrs Tate No4, Mrs Williams No 8,Hannah May Roberts & Elsie Parry No7,Mrs Thomas No6,
Mrs Williams and Sheila No3( My Mam & Sister),Yvonne Parry,Mrs Bromley and Ken No14, Mrs Jones No 9,Nellie Williams( Sister )
Mrs Jones No10,Mrs Parry.



Class 5A Maesincla.

10 pupils passed the 11+

Front row
Alwyn Jones, Thomas Owen, Anthony Y. Williams, Gordon Roberts, Paul Lovell
Second row
Pat Jones, Anita Jones, Noreen Ellerker, Sylvia Parry, Margaret Williams
Third row
Gwyn Williams, Norman Binfieild, Carole Owen, Jane Jones, Pat Parry, Terry Roberts, Gwyn Jones
Top row
Glyn Owen, Wilfred Childes, Will Prichard, Denny Jones, David Williams, David Jones,

Headmaster Mr. G.Jones on the left and Mr. W. Hughes, form teacher on the right


Ysgol Rad Infants 1951

Taken in Caernarfon Castle. Children's Festival

Front row
Elizabeth Hughes, Sylvia Parry, Elena Roberts, Janet Prichard. Judith
Second row
Pat Parry, Kathleen Griffith, Ann Lund,? Moira LL Jones, Pat Evans
Third row
Jeanette Griffith, Rita V. Jones, Beryl Hughes, Ann,?
Top row
Pat White, Nerys Morris, Elizabeth Jones, Mona W. Jones, Christine Lovell,Joyce Deacon

Memory Lane